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Bill brings a great knowledge base and is a real pleasure to work with. He drills down to understand our goals with respect to our website presence and has built our site to reflect those goals. He puts good options in front of us and works to make the process easy and understandable. . . and he sticks to his timelines and budgets.

Walter Price, President

Maybe the most telling detail from this client’s website appears on their People page: The average employee tenure at our company is currently ten years and rising.” I’ve made websites for clients who do world-class work in a number of different fields, but the dedication this small business shows to both its clients and its employees is really special. True story: I first worked with Wright Architectural Millwork in 2004, and the site we built then featured profiles of four different employees. They described how WAM is like a second family, how the company always gives them what they need to thrive, and so forth. When I was asked to redesign their site in WordPress in July 2016, I asked if they wanted to swap in any different employees for the new site. “Nope,” they said, “they all still work here.” Twelve years later! They did shoot new photos for their profile pages, though. . .

Anyway, this site was a pleasure to build because everything Wright Architectural Millwork does has the same absurdly high standards for success, and each employee goes all-out in pursuit of those standards. The gorgeous, high-quality project photographs made it easy to create a spectacular website, so I just had to get out of the way and let the content speak for itself. It’s a cliché in the website biz that “content is king” because it’s true: if you have great text and great images, the designer just has to know how to use strong but spare design to make a minimalist container to showcase it.

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