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After being in this field for almost twenty years, I decided in 2017 to conduct my first-ever client survey to find out what I do well and what I could improve. People said a lot of nice things that made me smile, several people brought up great points that made me think, and I had a few valuable suggestions about things that I could do better or smarter.

One theme that came up again and again was satisfaction with the communication I provided while we worked on our projects. This makes sense: I studied English and writing in college and went to graduate school for creative writing. I got a chuckle out of a phrase one client used: “establish the Tumanian checklist” to describe the clarity and thoroughness he appreciated when I identify next steps in a project.

If you struggle with getting things done, my clients’ feedback would suggest that you may benefit from the order and discipline I provide when managing projects. You might enjoy a structured project management tool like Trello, which maps out an entire project and documents its progress from start to finish, and lets you check in from your desktop browser or smartphone app. Or maybe that’s overkill for your project, and you just like to work from an email list of the very next steps. Either way, we’ve got you covered with a clear, rigorous process to your site launch and beyond.

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