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Not the weightiest of subjects, I’ll be the first to admit, but I thought I’d share a cool lifehack I found by accident this morning. If you’re using the Chrome browser, you can right-click on any web page, and the popup menu includes a “Create QR code for this page” option. This is an automatic feature built into Chrome for Windows—not sure if the feature exists on Chrome for the Mac, especially since the right-click menu system in OSX is less developed than Windows.

The resulting code contains a cute little dinosaur icon in the middle, which doesn’t affect a phone’s ability to scan the code. You can’t remove it, because it’s part of the Chrome browser’s branding from Google, BUT you can paste the QR into any imaging software, remove the dinosaur in seconds, and replace it with whatever small but branded content you want. Could be a teeny logo graphic, could be a small word or acronym. . . it’s limited only by space and creativity.

Clients sometimes ask me to help with graphic design elements like generating these QR codes, not realizing how easy they can be to DIY. If you need more customization than the Chrome QR code generator provides (i.e. none) you can always use a great free web resource like this one. Occasionally I hear about people paying some opportunistic website with great SEO for QR code design, once even an ongoing monthly fee to “keep the QR code active,” and it’s just not necessary to do that for 99.9% of the use cases I can think of.

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