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Full disclosure: the Popmaster of Crooked Stick Pops is my amazing wife, Julie Tuman, and I have an ongoing role with the company as “Chief Pop Taster for Life.”

It’s fun to work for a company that makes everybody feel good, and it’s even more fun when there’s so much high-quality material to work with: interesting pop flavors that lend themselves so well to graphical treatments, stunning photographs by the talented Paul Specht, and a client who appreciates (indeed, demands) a playful color scheme.

All the basics are here for a restaurant or food service business: an event calendar, an online form so clients can easily book a private event, a cool Instagram feed and other social network connections. But really this is just a good old fashioned simple site that helps build a strong brand without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Testimonial from the owner/operator of this business. . .

– Julie Tuman, Popmaster