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Full disclosure: the Popmaster of Crooked Stick Pops is my amazing wife, Julie Tuman, and I have an ongoing role with the company as “Chief Pop Taster for Life.”

It’s fun to work for a company that makes everybody feel good, and it’s even more fun when there’s so much high-quality material to work with: interesting pop flavors that lend themselves so well to graphical treatments, stunning photographs by the talented Paul Specht, and a client who appreciates (indeed, demands) a playful color scheme.

All the basics are here for a restaurant or food service business: an event calendar, an online form so clients can easily book a private event, a cool Instagram feed and other social network connections. But really this is just a good old fashioned simple site that helps build a strong brand without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Because the founder of also happens to be my husband, I gave him free rein to do whatever he wanted with my website, and I just stayed out of the way. The colors, photographs, graphics, and every detail of the site are just right for my brand, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on the site. My company is just over a year old, and it surprises me how many people think we’ve been around for years and years. . . a noticeable number have specifically commented on the way the website goes a long way to establish authority in our field.

– Julie Tuman, Popmaster

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