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Clarity in Website Development

Clarity in website development is sometimes perceived to be in opposition to creativity, but it doesn't have to be. A good designer, whether of websites or in another design field, is charged with reconciling this tension: be distinctive, but also be clear and useful. My all-time favorite design cartoon ran in the New Yorker almost 20 years ago. Its tongue-in-cheek message: it takes great skill to make a spare, clear,…

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Creativity in Website Design Projects

Here are two phrases every website designer hears with regularity, often during the first meeting or call with a prospective client: I'm not looking for a lot of bells and whistles I don't want this to look like a "cookie cutter" website When creating a new website project, one of the designer's jobs is to gauge just how distinctive the site should feel. This is sometimes, but not always, directly…

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Value in Website Design + Development

I’ve been working as a website consultant and designer since 1998. Over that period, I’ve seen many technologies and design approaches come and go. Some were useful and satisfying to work with, and others were necessary evils. Sadly, in software—and many fields for that matter—there isn’t always a correlation between quality and longevity. This profession requires constant curiosity and attention, and I’ve paid my dues and learned how to tell what’s a…

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