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Trader Joe’s (vs. Costco, Whole Foods, Co-ops)

My family has a California connection, so I've been going to Trader Joe's for a loooooong time. I was thrilled when one opened in Hadley about ten years ago, because it's unlike other grocery stores. . . and what it does, it does very well. Here's why I love this store: They don't try to do everything you'd expect from a grocery store. Instead they focus on products where they…

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When people talk about companies that offer really great value, a few familiar brands come up again and again: Southwest Airlines Trader Joe's Honda Target The United States Postal Service (as opposed to the popular music concern The Postal Service, which was also good but for a different reason) People tend to have a certain affection for these companies, and rightly so. They offer stuff that's better than most of the crap out…

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